TBAAngel @ yahoogroups.com is a mailing list dedicated to discussion of the CBS TV series Touched By An Angel. However, it is not officially connected to the CBS TV series in any way, shape or form. We're simply a group of fans who like to talk about the show.

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Anime Angels
"Anime Angels" by Ann Larimer,
Ann Larimer (e-mail everheart at aol dot com)
used with permission

What is a mailing list?
Netiquette for anyone new to the internet, and a list of acronyms for everyone who is new to the TBAAngel list.
FAQ for the list and the show.

Meet the People Behind the List

I'm your listowner, Jennie (Finabair). I basically keep things running as smoothly as possible and I set and enforce the rules to help that along. If you have any problems or questions, you can contact me at tbaangel-owner at yahoogroups dot com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Other folks, particularly JenniAnn (from JABB) sometimes help me out with keeping up with the list, so you may hear from one of them if you have questions or problems, too.

I would like to thank Red for putting together the original Touched By an Angel fans' webpage and for creating the first TBAA fans' mailing list, and Diane E. for helping me to set this list up on execpc, and for writing the original list webpage. We'd never have gotten off the ground without them.

Other Touched By an Angel and Related Resources for Fans on the Web

The Prayer Warriors Network is for you if you are interested in a prayer list, since TBAAngel is not one.

The TBAA-Fanfic list is a TBAA fan fiction mailing list, if you're interested in fiction.

Also, see the links on Finabair's Touched By an Angel Page, which is a much more extensive list.

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