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I've had some very nifty fun with other fans of the show, and as my offline life allows I'm trying to share some of them here. As I get pages up and working, I will add the links to them below. In case this is new to you, in all text here TBAA = Touched By an Angel.

Warning: I don't really take my TV all *that* seriously, so some of what should be appearing is extremely tongue in cheek. Please make sure you packed your sense of humor before continuing. ;-)

Here's what I have up so far:

      My visit to the TBAA set (with Cybersusan and Catwoman)
      The top twenty *real* reasons I watch TBAA (written with Amilyn)
      The TBAAngel discussion list (Fans talk via e-mail)
      History of a TBAA Fan: One view of the early days
      How to test what season the episode you're watching is! (Through season 5)
      The Touched By an Angel Drinking Game - a humorous collaboration from 1997/1998

Other Touched By an Angel and Related Resources for Fans on the Web

Good sources of information:

The The Hallmark Channel Home Page (TBAA in reruns, USA)

Places to Chat 'real time' with other fans on the internet:

I don't know of any chats at this time, although occasionally JABB holds one (see link below)

TBAA related mailing lists:

TBAAngel discussion list

The TBAA-Fanfic list

The Prayer Warriors Network

TBAA Actor sites:

"Andrew"/John Dye sites:

The John Dye Home Page

The J.A.B.B. page

The John Dye Fanpage (English/German)

"Monica"/Roma Downey sites:

The Official Roma Downey pages

"Tess"/Della Reese sites:

The Official Della Reese pages

"Raphael"/Alexis Cruz sites:

Bonnie's fan page for Alexis Cruz

Other TBAA related webpages:


Kyra's Hip TV Site - TBAA

Audrey's TBAA Page

Audrey's TBAA poetry Page

The Official Promised Land Page

You'll find quite a few more fan sites on the TBAA/PL webring:

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