This page features links to many of the projects/causes that John and/or the keepers of this website support. There are many other wonderful places to give your time and money to....this is just a few of our particular favorites. The important thing isn't that you do something or choose a charity because some TV star tells you to....choose to do what's in your heart, whatever touches you, wherever you are..but please, do something. The biggest crime in this world isn't robbery or murder - it's apathy. Be passionate, be involved, be caring about others...then you are truly living.


Please take a moment to check out John's recent project, New Light Media's "Journey to a Hate Free Millenium".

This is a wonderful documentary film project that John has been heavily involved with. Check out this page for some fan reactions to it.

We would like to get the fans more directly involved with this portion of the John Dye page. Please e-mail us at if you'd like to see a page dedicated to what the fans around the world are doing for charities in John's name. Also, e-mail us if you have ideas or suggestions for charitable activities.

Some charitable events John has been spotted at or contributing to include:

The "First Look" fashion show to benefit Grace Cathedral, held at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco (August, 2001)

(October, 1998 & 2000)

The Sundance Theater Spring Benefit. (April, 1999)
(Click here for a fan's reaction)

Washington DC educational fundraiser for Misissippi students (May, 1999)

Celebrity marshall for the Boston AIDS walk. (June, 1999)

10th Annual Pediatric AIDS Foundation dinner in Washington DC for the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation (June 1999)

San Francisco AIDS walk (John hoped to be celebrity marshall for this, but I have not heard whether or not he was able to do it.) (July 1999)

"Changing Images Art Foundation

"Junk of the Stars" auction for the ERAS center (September 1998)


A Guest House For Families Visiting People with AIDS and Other Life Threatening Illnesses - this is one of the organizations involved in the project "Mother Mother" (an AIDS fundraiser) that John did in the late 80's

1313 North Vine Street
Los Angeles, California 90028

Growth House, Inc., is a non-profit corporation that was founded in 1994 through a small charitable trust. Located in San Francisco, Growth House, Inc., provides information and referral services for agencies working with death and dying issues both internationally and in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Anishnawbe Street Patrol


The ABC Television Network's "Children First" Mentoring Hotline was created in 1996 in response to viewer requests for information on mentoring.
1 (800) 914-2212


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