This page is an archive of the FAQ from the Official John Dye Page, dated 1996. Some information has undoubtedly changed since then.

John is currently seen as "Andrew, the Angel of Death"on the CBS drama "Touched By An Angel". Born and raised in Amory, Mississippi (near Tupelo) and graduated from Tupelo High School, John received "Best Actor" awards from Mississippi State before transferring his sophomore year to the University of Memphis (known then as Memphis State University). He landed his first film role in "Makin' The Grade"in 1984 while still attending Memphis State.

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Here are the answers to questions sent to John from the fans. Answers will be added as received, as John has time.

Last updated 12/4/96

Vital stats

Birthdate - January 31, early A.M. in Amory, Mississippi.
Marital status - single/no children
Sizes - jackets - 42; jeans -33; shirt-15 1/2; shoes-11.
Height - 6' 1 1/2"
Eyes - green
Hair - Sandy blond


food - Mexican
dessert - banana split cake
drink - diet coke
color - green
music - John Cale
actors - actors that are passionate about their work
What performer does he admire - KevinSpacey
T.V. - original, quirky, innovative filming
Sports - He is an avid College Football armchair fan.
Sports he likes to participate in - tennis and pool.
Hobbies - paints - collects art work and spheres
Does he keep a diary- No
Does he have any pets - No, he is on location so much
His favorite pet - Dog, Boxer
Best gift he ever received - a healthy, loving family.
Most treasured possession - No THING is that important
Favorite foreign country - the Netherlands
Favorite sports teams:
baseball - Braves; basketball - Lakers and Jazz;
football - 49ers; hockey - Cannucks and Canadins
Favorite fast food - Taco Bell: anything; McDonalds: great french fries
Characteristic you despise - worry
Clothing Stores - Wilkes Bashford and Barney's
cereal - Grapenuts
pizza - pepperoni and black olive
hamburgers - Bill's, Amory, Ms
toothpaste - Colgate
shampoo - Nioxin
gel - Phytoplage
soap - anything from Body Shop
tennis shoes - Asics
Favorite TV and Movie as a child: - Johnny Quest and Wizard of Oz
Flavor of Pop Tart - none of the above
Favorite restaurant dish - most Mexican and most Italian
Worst fear - a world without peace, understanding and tolerance
Movie that made him cry: - Andre's Mother and The FIsher King
Favorite class - literature
Do you read your fan mail - yes
Where do you meet fans - Everywhere
Best movie lately - Train Spotting
Favorite actresses - Meryl Streep and Piper Laurie
What's it like working with Della and Roma -magical
Who do you hope will be on TBAA - Peter Frechett, Stephen Caffrey, Kathleen Wilhoite and Kay Lenz
About PL: - Great time doing it


Parents; two brothers.
Brother Jamey is married with one son. Brother Jerre is also an actor
The ring on his right hand was a gift to him from his maternal grandfather, whom he adores. It is a ring that has been in the family for years and belonged to his great grandfather.

His roles

Doc Hock (Tour of Duty) because the character was full and expanded.
Andrew (Touched By An Angel) because playing an angel is a pretty big challenge in itself.

How did he get the part of Andrew and how long does he plan to stay with the show:
The role of Andrew was offered to him and he would like to stay until it is no longer a challenge.


Owns his home . . no roommates

Roles that he would like to do - always looking for fun people to portray

Qualities he admires in a friend - loyalty

What kind of girl will he look for - an honorable one

Best place he ever visited: Savannah, Ga - he's a Southern boy.

The thing about him that would surprise most people - he hates chocolate.

Acting training is all on the Bio - he gives special recognition to Joanna Helming, a professor at University of Memphis.

Is he on line . . does he plan to do a chat - in the near future: He should be on line soon. . . when filming TBAA gives him a break

Does he like astrology, even just for fun - NO

Does he smoke or drink - Yes and sometimes

In one of the various FAQs/bios on the homepage, John Cale is listed as your favorite musician. What got you into his music? - His avant garde approach to music

For those of us who love to "expand our musical horizons", but are under the itty-bitty restraint of mega-sized student loans, what would you consider essential cd's/albums for a John Cale collection? - "Drucilla". Also, "1,000 Airplanes On The Roof" by Phillip Glass

Although your birthday is a bit of a ways away, what kinds of gifts do you like to receive? What's the best address to send gifts to? - Go volunteer an hour during the week to your favorite charity instead. There is a lot of need out there. I am so blessed.

You collect spheres and art. What kind of art do you like/collect? What kind of spheres - a particular kind or anything from crystal balls to water balls? - Photography. Any kind of sensual, abstract shape.

Which college football teams do you follow/enjoy watching? - Mississippi State

What are your favorite football snacks? - Cold Pizza

What colors are your house decorated in? - Tans,linen, cream, white, neutral

I know Angel films in Salt Lake City. Do you live there all the time, or just during filming? Where do you consider home? - Live in SLC while filming / home in Calif.

Can you cook? - I can. I make a killer spaghetti

What kind of foods do you like? - Mexican, Italian

What is your idea of a perfect day off? - Sleeping past 5:30 a.m. A hike in the mountains. Great film and great book

Do you read much? If yes, what? - I am a literature freak. I love Historic, bios and newspapers.

Have you ever been seriously ill? - No

How do you personally feel about marriage? - I believe in it.

What's your favorite vacation spot? - San Francisco and Savannah

Do you worry alot? - Probably more than I should

What do you like most about your work? - I still get excited about it even after all this time

What do you like least? - Early calls

What do you think of the fan attention? - It always baffles and surprises me, but it is flattering

Do you have a nickname? - Not really

Do you have any regrets? - No big ones. At the end of the day, I hope that I have been as kind, responsible and loving as possible.

What part do you think your family paid in your success? - There is no way to put a price on it,especially emotionally, on their wonderful support.

Do you wear any kind of cologne? What kind? - Issey Miyake

Do you have your ears pierced? - No

Do you wear glasses? - Yes

What is your favorite childhood memory? - Dad taking me to a ski lodge in Northern Wisconsin at 11

Do you want to be a superstar? - I want to be known as a good actor

What do you dream about? - Finding the perfect person for me

What was your New Years resolution? - To enjoy all that's happening and live in the moment. . . I already have broken it. . it doesn't matter.

What do you give thanks for at Thanksgiving? - For good health and family and the people that care about me

Do you have any unusual habits? - No more so than anyone else, we're all unique.

Do you like children? - YES!!!

Where do you get the clothes you wear on the show? - Combination of costume designs and my own tastes. It gets cold in SLC in the winter

A couple of fans are expecting to be in your area, probably in the spring and want to know if they would be allowed to visit the set.
- TBAA is a Closed Set, they have no visitors

What kind of car do you drive?: - Susan said not to disclose

How has being involved with TBAA affected your personal spiritual life? - It only enhances it.

What is your favorite bible verse? - I Cor. 13

There is a debate about angels once living as people. My teaching says that angels were created and never human,
but some seem to think that human lives have been discussed by the angels - Andrew in particular. Do you remember this ever being discussed by your character.

- No these angels have always been angels taking human forms

What is your middle name? - Carroll (a family name)

In the T.V. Guide's Fall Preview, it says that 'Andrew's' job description will be changing. What does that mean?
- Andrew will not just be the Angel of Death; he will work more as a "case worker". He will find that job complicated, but he will still be the Angel of Death.

Is Mr. Dye's real name, John, or is it short for Jonathan?? - Johns' name is really JOHN

John's mom shares

My answers:

What kind of kid was John . .. the best. He was wonderful older brother to Jamey and Jerre. He always has great respect for each of us. He has a wonderful sense of humor which made rearing him a blast. He was a top student.

When did I first realizes he was serious about acting . . . he was in the seventh grade, got an acting scholarship in a local theater company, a taste of the lights in his face.. . it was all over. His Dad and I reacted, as we did with all the boys,if they were willing to work for it and do well in college, they had our total support.

His father and I are truly his number one fans.Our motto . . go after your dream, but if that does not work find your next goal. This is strictly my answer, I have not talked to John about this questionaire.

I truly believe that religion does play a big part in his life.He is active in his church on the west coast, and I feel he is a very spiritually oriented person.

My fondest memory of him as a kid . . . that one is tough because there are so many.

What was the sweetest thing he did for me . . .when his little brother was 3 years old I broke my arm skiing. John took care of his brother the whole time I had my arm in a cast.

Fondest memories also has to be family oriented. . just sitting around the table with all the family and talking about fun times.

His favorite toys when he was small . . matchboxcars, he had so many.

His favorite birthday . . he was 18, a senior inhigh school and we gave him a car. We only gave him a set of keys and made him run through the neighborhood finding which car was his.

The other kids: Second son, Jamey; married and one son of his own.

Third son, Jerre, an actor

John's Dad and I own a family business. We are active in our church. I teach Bible Study to teenagers and women.
He and I work with singles in Sunday School. We are wrapped up in ourfamily.

John was a great student He was involved in school politics....he was president of his senior class....He was editor of the yearbook...He did every play during his three years in high school.

He can sing and dance. The dancing he prefers is usually at a jazz club.

John Trivia

John got his big break with Taco Bell commercials ... he had toy chickens stuck all over his jacket.

John did the music video with ZZ Top ... "Sleeping Bag" He still has that keychain.

When John was in Jr Hi, he wanted to be an architect.
When he originally started college, he was planning to be a civil rights lawyer

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