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I am greatly saddened to be telling you that on Monday, January 10, 2011, John Dye suffered a fatal heart attack at his San Francisco home. Mr. Dye touched many lives in many positive ways and will be remembered fondly. I would ask that we all keep his family and friends in our prayers.


According to Voices of the South, on Facebook:

Jerre Dye's brother, John Dye, passed away Monday, January 10, 2011. Jerre and his family are so thankful for all of the prayers and thoughtful words expressed during this sad time. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that a donation be made to organizations that feed the hungry or fund pediatric AIDS research-two causes that John cared about-or the charity of your choice.

Information on John's memorial service may be found at the E. E. Pickle Funeral Home site. There is also a guestbook available there.


Comments were seen around the 'net from some of the folks he worked with:

Della Reese in the Hollywood Reporter

Roma Downey sent a message via her official website

Valerie Bertinelli (!/Wolfiesmom )
"Dear, sweet John Dye..."

Alexis Cruz sent a message via his Facebook fanpage (filter to Alexis' posts only if it's hard to find)

Kathy Ireland (!/kathyireland )
"My friend, John Dye..."
She also posted a couple of pictures through her Twitpic account, here. (Thanks to Kathy for sharing.)

Lou Diamond Phillips (!/LouDPhillips )
"Shocked & saddened by the passing of John Dye..."


Reactions and memories from John's fans


A heavenly encounter with John


Kikki would like us to join her in lighting a candle for John."


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Articles found around the internet:

WCBI interview with his father here   (video news report here, in 'on demand')

WCBI announcement of John's memorial service

WTVA news report here

News report from WREG Memphis

A Blog entry remembering John

Article in the Cleveland Daily Banner

Article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal

Article in the Memphis Flyer

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San Francisco Chronicle

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The Hollywood Reporter


TV Guide

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Article on John Dye tribute videos

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E!online - stars who died before they were 50

L.A. Times


Non-English Reports:

El Universal (Mexican/Spanish)

FormulaTV (Spanish)

diariofemenino (Spanish)

Cinetelerevue (Belgian/French) (French)

Staragora (French)

Expresso (Portuguese)

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Femina (Hungarian) (Norwegian) (Polish)

Index (Croatian)

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Tempo|interaktif (Indonesian, I think)


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The feature-length video version of "Journey to a Hate-Free Millenium" is available for sale at Brent Scarpo's site at the following location:

I would like to continue to get the word out there that if you receive the e-mail forward that says TBAA can't be aired because of a petition to the FCC from Madeline Murray O'Hair (O'Hare) or her organization, this is a HOAX. The petition number generally listed is from 1975, it was not about the content of broadcasts, and it was defeated. You can check out the info on the FCC's website about the hoax for more information.

Anyone who wants to see the film "Water with Food Coloring" can find it at Spike TV. John participated in the Stars Over Mississippi charity event in both 1998 and 2000. He also participated in the "Evening Under the Stars" event for the Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children in 2000. John hosted the 2000 Heartland Film Festival awards in Indianapolis.

Check out some fan reviews of the premiere for "Journey to a Hate Free Millenium."

Back in April 1999, John starred in a stage production of "Spellbound" and "It Happened One Night" for the Sundance Theater Spring Benefit. His co-stars were Sally Field, Tim Daly and Christopher Lloyd, and they played to a sold out house in Salt Lake City. See one fan's reaction.


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If you have some John Dye news you would like to share with other fans, feel free to send it to me via the page feedback address here - I will not publish full names or e-mail addresses here unless you give me permission to do so. If you don't even want a first name mentioned, just let me know when you write in.

I would like to thank the 'Scoobygang'** for a lot of early detective work and commentary (and simply for their entertainment value!) I would also like to thank the fans who've sent information and feedback to me. You all are the best!

Last but not least, you can use the page feedback address to let us know if you have specific problems accessing the page. I do want to know when people have problems.

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